Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port is the largest stevedore company in the port of Vladivostok. Full name: Public Joint Stock Company “Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port”, abbreviated: PJSC “VCSP”. The VCSP is the only fully-universal port in the Russian Far East. Production capacities of the company allow to transship all types of general, bulk and container cargoes, as well as oil products, cars, heavy equipment, oversized and large-tonnage cargoes.

One of the main transport hubs of the Russian Far East , which plays an important role in international transportation in the Asia-Pacific region . It is also a key link in domestic coastal shipping. It is part of the FESCO group. Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port is located on the north-west coast of Vladivostok in the ice-free bay of the Golden Horn .

Time difference: +10 hours from Greenwich.

Depth on the approaches to the port: 20-30 meters.

The approach of ships is controlled by the Vladivostok Radiolocation Center.

Callsign “Vladivostok-Port Control” on the 67th VHF channel .