The port of Nakhodka  is a Russian seaport of federal importance in Nakhodka Bay and on the northwest coast of the Sea of ​​Japan . It is part of the largest port-transport junction of Russia in the Pacific Ocean “Vostochny-Nakhodka”. The freight turnover in 2013 was 18.4 million tons.

Includes marine universal and oil terminals in Nakhodka Bay , as well as fish terminals in the bays of Andreeva, Podyapolsky, Yuzhno-Morskaya, Gaydamak, Transfiguration, Sailor Fisher, Nazimova, Five Hunters, Sokolovskaya, and also at the mouth of the Oprichninka River. Nomenclature of goods: coal, oil products, containers, refrigeration.

Merchant shipping on the banks of the Nakhodka bay dates back to the time of the existence of the trading post of the Siberian department in 1867-1873. In the harbor a pier, warehouses and smithy were built to service ships. Most of the cargo operations were accounted for by the departmental steamship Nakhodka . In 1906, the cargo-passenger line Vladivostok-Nakhodka was opened at the mouth of Suchan . The ship “Siberia” of the Heinrich Kaiserling Society made regular trips twice a week. In the 1930s. in the bay of Nakhodka on the coast of the village of the same name near the cape Shefner a railway was built, a pier with a length of 125 meters was built, a port-point Nakhodka was opened with a manager’s office on Delovaya Street (now Portovaya).